Publisher Solutions

A Suite of Management
And Monetization

AdKarma offers publishers a full suite of tools to help manage, optimize and monetize their website or app.  Our publisher tools are built from years of experience focused on the needs of publishers and deliver powerful solutions to maximize fill, eCPM and revenue.

Cross-platform Ad Formats

We offer a full suite of cross-platform ad products that allow you to engage your audiences with high-impact creative across connected devices.  Our ad formats include in-stream video, rich media and standard display – all of which are built to provide an outstanding user experience and maximum monetization opportunities.

Managed Header Bidder

AdKarma’s Managed Header Bidder delivers an advanced programmatic solution that bypasses the traditional waterfall method of managing demand and maximizes competition among demand partners for your inventory – ultimately increasing eCPM, yield, and overall revenue.

Site Tag Implementation

We offer an easy to implement tag based solution for publishers. Our tag is light weight, built for maximum flexibility, and provides access to all our demand sources.

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