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We offer advertisers multiple ways to access our high-quality supply.  By offering multiple buying solutions, we give our partners the flexibility they need to efficiently manage their campaigns and engage with their target audiences.

Direct Integration

Advertiser partners work with an AdKarma campaign manager who will set-up and target their raw creative or ad tags to our direct inventory.  The AdKarma campaign manager optimizes the campaign to make sure all performance goals are being met, and advertiser partners are given a login to AdKarma's reporting console to view campaign analytics. 

Premium Access

AdKarma offers media buying services for our agency clients where we act as an extension of an agency or advertiser’s media buying team and can help target specific audiences for a campaign. Our Premium Access offers competive rates, reduces the hassle of working with multiple websites, leverages our long standing publisher relationships, and provides comprehensive plans to target specific audiences.  Additionally, our Premium Access allows for quick campaign adjustments based on your performance KPIs.

Private Marketplace

Advertisers can buy our inventory listed in the AdKarma Private Marketplace (PMP) programmatically. Our Private Marketplace features premium inventory at scale, complete control while still allowing for adjusting based on inventory needs, and access to new sites and inventory sources.

Deal ID

Advertisers can run a Deal ID programmatically through top DSPs. Setting up a Deal ID allows us to pair buyers and publishers individually, based on campaign needs. Through preferred DSPs, Deal ID allows partners to access inventory programmatically, offers control over inventory needs, and provides a dedicated account team to assist as needed.

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