Network Optimization

Through its advanced network optimization system, AdKarma simplifies the complicated process of managing multiple ad network partners to generate greater revenue for our publishers.

Revenue Solutions

Since its beginning, AdKarma has built strong, lasting relationships with an extensive list of the industry’s leading ad networks—we are able to hand-select from this large pool the networks we believe will be the best fit for each site.

Additionally, AdKarma can bring on a publisher’s current network partners to join the queue. By filling the advertising lineup with a long line of networks, we stimulate competition for a publisher’s inventory, which then drives CPMs up.

AdKarma handles all network communication, from bringing on new networks and negotiating contracts, to invoicing these networks and collecting payments. In the end, our publishers enjoy all the benefits of ad network partnerships without the headache.

Ad Network Solutions

With AdKarma’s transparent reporting interface, you have complete access to your site’s performance. Elaborate reporting allows you to quickly see any data, from the effective CPMs of each network to overall revenue for the month, network performance for the week, to country reports over a lifetime. You even have the ability to modify any campaign any way you want, giving you an added element of control.