AdKarma works with a wide variety of advertising networks and partners to ensure that the publisher's inventory is filled with the highest paying demand sources possible. AdKarma can also help publishers wade through the ins and outs of setting up tags and video players so that everything with a publisher's video advertising efforts goes as smoothly as possible.


In AdKarma's experience, publishers utilizing AdKarma's service have seen an increase in eCPM and revenue from ad network and non-guaranteed inventory due to AdKarma's optimization platform and aggressive sales team.


AdKarma's accounting department aggregates all payments from AdKarma's network and demand partners on publishers' behalf, helping to alleviate much of the burden of dealing with multiple network partners.


AdKarma's team can implement nearly any blocklist on behalf of our publisher partners. Our team also monitors for ad quality after campaigns go live to ensure our publishers' ad quality is always as high as possible


AdKarma is a customer-oriented company. AdKarma greatly values each and every one of our publisher partner's business and a representative from AdKarma will be available at all times to help you with any questions or issues you may have.


There are $0.00 in startup fees, simply implement our tags and watch your revenue grow.

With over 100 ad network partners including thousands of advertisers, AdKarma is able to ensure greater ad diversification.

With AdKarma's services, publishers don't need to worry about non-guaranteed and ad network inventory and can focus more time on direct and local advertiser sales, increasing revenue further