Keeping Up With Technology

by Wendy Batson


AdKarma has been growing rapidly this year, working with many new publishers and ad networks and hiring new employees to keep up with the pace. I began working at AdKarma just two short months ago. Coming from a liberal arts background, I did not know much about the online advertising industry, but AdKarma has brought me up to speed quickly, and I continue to learn along with my coworkers every day.

But whether online or otherwise, the underlying principle of marketing is the same: to sell your brand. The best way to do that is to understand your audience and how to reach them. Advertisers constantly struggle to get their message out without overwhelming, and possibly alienating, the customer with too much information.

How does this translate to our modern world where we are constantly bombarded with information? The technology that is all around us has created a big opportunity for marketers to better target their audiences using new forms of analytics to send pertinent ads to different devices. Not only can users be targeted from their personal computers, but they can now get relevant ads on their phones or tablets while they are shopping. Pretty soon, combining the power of social networking and wifi devices, our refrigerators may even be telling us what to buy.

So many changes are happening in the technology world, which in turn breathes new life into the online marketing world. This is one of the great things I’ve noticed about AdKarma since starting to work here. AdKarma is constantly staying attuned to these changes and enhancing and expanding services accordingly. The number one priority is making sure our publishers are happy, and we are committed to making things work as seamlessly as possible. AdKarma is always exploring new options for our publishers from display and preroll enhancements to working with mobile, connected TVs, and maybe even your refrigerator one day.