AdKarma's Ad Monitoring

by Kevin Stroope


The importance of ad monitoring within the game of online advertising cannot be overstated. In a world where content drives traffic, advertising is simply a beneficiary, aiding publishers as a monetizing partner. The last thing a publisher needs is for poor ad quality to overrun and detract from site content. AdKarma understands this publisher/advertiser relationship, and we work to ensure that ads bring in quality rates without the annoyance of ad quality issues.

AdKarma follows a routine block list for all of our publisher partners. These types of blocks include: no malware, no automatic audio, no flashing banner, no blank ads, and many others. With the use of our 24-hour ad monitoring team, AdKarma is always on the lookout for any poor quality advertisements. Swift action is taken, should any unwanted advertising come across.

In addition to AdKarma’s standard block list, we are also very flexible when it is comes to unique blocking policies. Should a publisher wish to not have a particular brand advertise on their site; no problem, we can block particular brands. AdKarma can also block entire verticals, such as automotive, electronic, soft drinks.

In the end, whatever publishers want (or don’t want) coming though, we will accommodate it. AdKarma takes pride in providing publishers peace of mind, and our ad monitoring aims to do just that.

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