Navigating the Video Space

by Calli Cox


It’s been a busy few months for the AdKarma team, adding digital video optimization to our ever-changing repertoire. In this fast-paced environment that is the online advertising industry, we are always looking to remain competitive and on top of our game. Between conversations with publishers, advertisers, and keeping up with industry articles, we identified the video space as a huge opportunity for us. Digital video spending is growing much faster than traditional TV spending. In fact, it’s expected to grow 46.5% in 2013*. What better time to tap into this new stream of revenue and help navigate the uncharted waters for our publishers?

As with any new platform, the integration to serve video ads differed from the standardized display space. Different tags, various players, new parameters needing to be passed, and a whole new ad server. This was the initial speed bump that not only AdKarma had to tackle in order to start doing business, but that many publishers are still facing with launching true pre roll on their sites. We found our solution with Adap.TV.

With Adap.TV, we’re able to provide our publishers with the IAB’s standard video ad tag, VAST, typically implementing a VAST 2.0 +VPAID (with failover) tag which is compatible with all true video players. Whether linear, non-linear, or in-banner, we’ve got it covered. There are also various parameters that we can have implemented in order to pass on additional metrics to our demand partners, such as embedding page URL. The more information we can pass onto our demand partners, the further insight they have into our inventory which increases the amount of spend they do with us.

Beyond negotiating directly with the top video ad networks, we also have the added benefit of integrating with the marketplace. Adap.TV has the world’s largest video ad marketplace* with a simple integration that allows us to view various benchmarks that will provide our publishers with the highest amount of fill while maintaining a healthy CPM. This marketplace bids directly against our direct demand partners, giving the impression to whoever will pay the most. A streamlined break out of the amount of opportunities we’re seeing and who are buying up the inventory is readily available for our publishers via the reporting interface. It’s simple to use, and provides all the information you may need.

Overall, video has been an amazing addition to our portfolio and we’re very excited to be able to offer yield optimization for the video space in addition to display and mobile. I highly encourage any publishers whom do not have a currently solution to come talk us. We’d love to help. As far as other ventures on the horizon, watch out for video on mobile and connected TV – there will definitely be more to come.