AdKarma Works Hard, Plays Hard

by Brad Stewart


AdKarma promotes many different opportunities and events for members of the team, new and old, to get to know each other. One specific opportunity, approaching at the end of the month, is certain to be a different kind of fun — it is the annual EPIC Mud Run.

Members of both AdKarma and 3Interactive, our sister company, are encouraged to participate in the annual 5K run. It will test the runner’s physical endurance with challenging obstacles such as mud pits, and giant climbing walls, but will also test their sense of humor as they can expect to encounter various costumed themes throughout the course. The obstacles standing before the runners throughout the course will take on a “Traveling thru Time” theme this year, and participants will encounter herds of post-apocalyptic zombies, carnivorous prehistoric dino-figures, and bootleggers scattered through the woods as they race through the hills of Columbia, Missouri. To add to the amusement, runners are also encouraged to come dressed in attire from an era that is of their personal favorites.

Though this doesn’t have to do with digital advertising, and this isn’t optimizing any remnant inventory, it is creating an environment where coworkers can thrive amongst one another, and it promotes new opportunities to strengthen professional working relationships through positive experiences, in and out of the office. We have had many new hires in the last several months, myself included, and these events and others like them have helped to eliminate communication barriers and promote a positive and cohesive work environment.