Book Review: ‘Disrupt! Think Epic. Be Epic.’

by Bobby Campbell


Bill Jensen’s book “Disrupt! Think Epic. Be Epic.” is literary speed for entrepreneurs. After reading the book, I immediately felt the need to go out and launch a new disruptive idea and venture. It’s a fantastic read that covers the do’s and don’ts of being disruptive.

Jensen lays out 25 successful habits that disruptive individuals should follow. One of my favorites is “Do it anyway,” which boils down to ignoring people or organizations telling you “no” and moving forward with ideas and plans that you believe in.

The book is an easy, engrossing read filled with actionable advice. Here are three things that I was inspired to do after finishing the book:

    • 1. Start a new company!
      Sometimes being an entrepreneur or startup guy is a lonely spot to be in. After reading this book and the stories that Jensen shared about other highly disruptive individuals and companies, I felt reaffirmed in what I do, and excited about launching future ventures. I was able to really relate to the business leaders and their journeys. They made me feel more connected with this fantastic community of innovators.

    • 2. Go back in time.
      I really wanted to go back in time to year four of my first startup and tell myself I was doing the right thing. So much of what Jensen said in “Disrupt” reminded me of when I started my first company. I took a lot of risks, and many people said no or that they didn’t see value in what my company did. I didn’t listen to the negativity, and in the end I was right and they were wrong – but it wasn’t easy.

    • 3. Give this book to an up-and-coming entrepreneur.
      I wish that this book had been around 10 years ago when I was founding my first company. It would have been an invaluable guide. Knowing that, I have been handing this out to young entrepreneurs and employees who have that same desire to succeed and change the world they live in.

Anyone can gain real, valuable and actionable tools from this book whether you are an entrepreneur or just looking for ways to change your everyday life. Jensen has written a guide book that will help you get to your destination by learning to embrace disruption.