A Growing Industry

by Anna Keller


I recently graduated from Mizzou in May. I wasn’t really sure what the ‘real world’ had in store for me, but I quickly discovered the shift from intern to full-time. I started as an intern at our sister company, 3 Interactive, in September 2011, and then became an intern at AdKarma in January 2012. After being hired on as a Site Manager, I’ve been able to see the changes that this industry has gone through over the past two years or so. As an intern, I was exposed to the various facets of online advertising. I quickly learned how fast-paced this industry is, but I also learned a lot about the company. I knew that I definitely liked being part of the close-knit team that AdKarma consists of, and that I learn something new everyday about online advertising.

When I started as a full-time employee this past May, the transition from intern to full-time was seamless since I already knew my coworkers and already understood the foundations of the industry. But what also made the transition so easy was that Adkarma knows how to cater to Millennials in the workplace. With a lenient dress code and different activities throughout the week to give us a short break in our day, including a snow cone truck and “bring your dog to work” day, it’s hard to not love the atmosphere at AdKarma. Keeping us happy means we can better serve our publisher and network relationships that we handle on a day-to-day basis.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for the growth of our company. With a young, cohesive team that is continuously bringing new ideas to the table, AdKarma will continue to be at the forefront of the industry.