Exciting News!


We are very excited to announce that AdKarma has officially been recognized as one of the top Video SSPs by Luma Partners! In the latest release of its Video Lumascape, AdKarma was recognized as one of 4 Video SSPs currently leading the way in the industry. Although the number of companies on this infographic may seem many, in the grand scheme of things, we are one of a select few companies that make a major impact on the video industry.

In this infographic, AdKarma is mentioned alongside publically well-known names like Netflix, Amazon, Samsung, DirecTV, and ESPN as well as big industry names that we all know like Google, BrightRoll, OpenX, Tremor Video, and BrightCove.

Luma works to study the digital media ecosystem to find out “how it works and where it’s going.” According to their findings and studies, with its inclusion of AdKarma in their Video Lumascape, Luma believes that AdKarma is currently playing a major role in the digital video landscape and will continue to do so in the years to come. And Luma isn’t the only entity to think so – nearly 2,000,000 people have viewed Luma’s infographics and they are taken very seriously in the industry.

AdKarma’s ownership and employees are very proud of this achievement and look forward to continued growth and success in the industry.

Luma Partners studies the digital media ecosystem and “provides strategic advice to companies at the intersection of media and technology.”