Yahoo Makes a Splash

by Joe Resch


During the latter portion of last year, Yahoo made quite the splash in a pool of advertisers by agreeing to purchase the video ad platform BrightRoll, which took them from their increasingly stagnant place in the lower end of the hierarchy of advertisers all the way back to the top tier. The acquisition repositioned Yahoo as a major player once again. This move served as a ‘check’ in the global chess game of advertising by showing companies like Facebook and Twitter that Yahoo still has considerable muscle to flex.

As we all know by this point, mobile advertising is the way of the future … at least until the next big thing comes along. The rise of mobile is akin to video’s emergence back in the old days of display advertising, and with budgets shifting to be spent on mobile campaigns and focused on mobile ad units — $45 Billion by 2016, an all-time high according to TechCrunch — its future significance is abundantly clear. Here in early 2015, Yahoo is once again making headlines, as projections now show that Yahoo is likely to surpass Twitter this year and become the third largest mobile advertising company behind the perennial overachievers, Facebook and Google. CEO Marissa Mayer’s new plan of action seems to have caught the attention of industry analysts.

With mobile advertising as a subset of one of the biggest markets in existence, it will be a very important year for Yahoo and, indeed, the mobile industry at large. Correspondingly, AdKarma is making huge strides and pushing to establish ourselves as the premier SSP for mobile video.