AdKarma's New Private Marketplace

by Grant Notvedt


Since its inception in 2010, AdKarma has consistently adapted to ever-changing market conditions and effectively anticipated trends in the digital advertising industry. Because of this, AdKarma continues to position itself and its publisher partners for long-term success. What started solely as a display supply side platform has evolved to include monetization of desktop video as well as mobile video, and over the course of the last five years AdKarma has grown into one of the strongest and most diverse SSPs in the United States. The next natural step for AdKarma was to enter into the fast-growing programmatic segment of digital advertising.

Traditional monetization of publisher inventory involved our ad operations team individually reaching out to buy-side partners and lining up demand through tag-based buys. With the help of marketplace technology from our video ad serving partner Adap.TV, AdKarma now offers inventory to demand partners programmatically through the AdKarma Private Marketplace. To date, AdKarma has accumulated roughly 300 publisher partners, accounting for about 5 billion monthly video ad opportunities in both the desktop and mobile space. The marketplace inventory is exclusively AdKarma’s, premium in nature, and buyers have the benefit of being able to input specific ad metrics and adjust pricing easily without any assistance from the AdKarma team. All in all, it is a much more efficient overall targeting method and a more effective way to monetize.

We launched the AdKarma Private Marketplace in July of 2014 and, as a result of the team's hard work, it has experienced considerable growth in both supply and demand sides over the course of the last six months. In addition, AdKarma opened a new office in New York City to focus on utilizing AdKarma Private Marketplace inventory to generate direct buys and ad campaigns from advertising agencies. AdKarma proudly represents a significant quantity of high quality domains from premium publishers, and the success of the AdKarma Private Marketplace, coupled with the continued growth of our direct sales team in NYC will complement the overall success of AdKarma in 2015.