Who We Are

Since its launch in 2010, AdKarma has committed itself to providing publishers with a comprehensive and profitable solution for their ad network and display, pre-roll and mobile inventory. Our aggressive sales team is dedicated to the small details of inventory management to ensure our publishers benefit from maximum returns. With this vision, advanced optimization technology, and a tireless staff, AdKarma has become one of the industry’s leaders in ad network and inventory solutions.

Our rapidly expanding office draws some of the brightest advertising minds that the country’s top universities have to offer. Fresh, knowledgeable perspectives keep AdKarma at the forefront of industry innovation and hungry to discover new ways to profit our partners.


Smarter, revenue-driven, and reliable.


To help online publishers elevate their profitability while providing peace of mind.


To be the most knowledgeable, dedicated, and cost-effective yield optimizer in the online industry.

Value Proposition:

We help over-burdened, revenue-driven publishers elevate their profitability by campaign optimization and a dedicated sales team.